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Eezi Mzi Wine Range - Red, White & Pink
Merely 3 years after they brought us the Mzala Discover DVD series, the duo/team of Keith Dudula and Leonard Arangies are at it again.
After 15 episodes in which Mzala (an alias of Dudula) traveled to the Wine Lands to discover the 'truth' behind the mysterious drink called wine, the two have decided that the time is right to launch a label called Eezi Mzi.

We realized with our 'training DVD' that a very large part of our population are still afraid to enter into the territory of wine, Dudula mused. We also realized that to pour an complex, some times acidic, some times astringent, drink onto most palates we'll destroy our changes of getting the beer and alcohol drinkers to migrate into the territory of wine.
We'll probably chase them away for ever.

Arangies intervened by saying that it happens in almost every part of the food chain.
People will start by adding lots of milk and sugar to their coffee and then gradually reduce the additions. Some might end up drinking their coffee with very little or no sugar and some might end up enjoying coffee black after starting off with so much milk. We are living in the Coca Cola generation. Our drinks and foods are becoming increasingly sweeter. We see wine as no different.
The idea with Eezi Mzi is to attract the young and novice wine drinker to a drink in a bottle. "The packaging is attractive, if not revolutionary, with Dudula's frame filling almost the entire label", Arangies said with a careful gaze in the direction of Mzala before he adds: "If we can get more people to start with wine we might get 10% of them migrating into more serious wines annually. Then we can start with a 100 more and before you know it everyone in South Africa will drink wine and we won't have enough to export."
Keith added that this drink is exactly what it claims to be. It is easy and soon it'll be a part of every house-hold in SA. It'll become like family; like the favorite Mzi in the house.

The duo teamed with the very successful and famous Retief cousins from Robertson. Together they 'designed' a drink that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. This wine will give the drinker options.
The wine purists around the country might choke in a much wooded Chardonnay when they hear this, but we want to encourage the consumer to add ice, soda and even try a squeeze of lemon or orange to this wine. This will not only stretch the product and therefore your buck, but you'll be able to enjoy the bottle over a couple of hours at a party (or at home). It'll also give you the opportunity to alter the drink until it suits your own unique individual taste profile.

Every drinker can now have a favorite way to enjoy this versatile product. And even on it's own we would like the consumer to chill the bottle. Yes, even the Red Wine. It's down-right delicious! As the pay-off line encourages: Simply Chill, and drink up!
From here we are planing to do a sparkling wine and soon we'll work at expanding the range all the way to a premium selection, the Mzala Signature range. Watch this space!

For know the duo proclaims that everybody should relax about taking wine too seriously. Forget about the tradition (We have joked a little on the label by stating that Tradition starts today!) This is a young country with a young democracy. Let's start by creating our own tradition from today on.

Have fun with this product and with other wine products as well. If we relax about all the rules and side-shows, so prevalent in wine territory, we might just get the country to start enjoying this wonderful product. For those who would like to learn more there is still the training course of 15 episodes with Mzala. I'm sure this team has many more tricks up their sleeves. For now let's chill and drink up!

Eezi Mzi comes in Red, White and Pink. Ask your favourite wine shop to start stocking it! The wines are available all around the country through Namaqua wines.

Keith Dudula lives in Melville and is a popular Wine Consultant at Norman Goodfellas where he is learning about wine and the industry on a daily basis. Try and catch him this year at the Soweto Wine Festival where he'll be autographing the label of your bottle of Eezi Mzi.

Wine Training DVD collection
Mzala, true son of Africa, is on a journey to discover the magic of wine!

Join him on this epic journey, that takes him far and wide through the majestic vineyards and cellars of South Africa. Exploring some of the finest wines and tipples this country has to offer.

Mzala (cousin) is a fictional character created by entrepreneur, Leonard Arangies, in order to demystify wine to the confused.
The idea is to create a 'wine cousin', somebody who will become a household name. Mzala breaks down the stereotypical snobbish attitude that is often associated with wine. He makes learning more about wine informative, funny and entertaining. He asks the questions so many of us are too embarrassed to ask.

This series is for everyone who likes wine but do not always understand all the terms that are used. The series should establish a platform of knowledge, to enable the viewer to enrol for a wine course afterwards; it is an appetite wetter.
It is also the perfect introduction for restaurant staff to the world of wine.

As Mzala learns, the viewer learns; giving him the self assurance to buy or order the next bottle of wine with confidence!

A clip from the dvd
Upon our visit to Spier Wine Estate, we came across Stoffel, probably South Africa's only wine drinking dog!
A huge fan of Merlot...